Quality Temporaries for Quality Companies
St. Moritz Labor Services


We are the premiere industrial temporary staffing company in the Pittsburgh area. We specialize in blue collar, industrial positions.

We are a locally owned, professional industrial staffing service operated by experienced specialists since 1997. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your critical areas are staffed with effective, productive people. We provide day laborers as well as temp-to-hire and direct hire employees and have the capability to respond to labor requests in as little as a few minutes in most cases. Call us anytime. We’re ready when you are. At St. Moritz Labor Services, Inc., we believe in working as a true extension of your business, and we understand how quickly your staffing demands can change. No matter what skill type you need, no matter when you need it, St. Moritz Labor Services can provide the best service and the best employee. Everytime. We thrive on hard to fill, deadline-oriented, ‘spur of the moment’ requests.

Why St. Moritz?

St. Moritz Labor Services provides highly screened temporary personnel.

Our staff will only recruit skilled or semi-skilled individuals. You will no longer need to be concerned with unskilled workers that need constant supervision. We will provide temporaries that have passed our work history investigation as well as a criminal background check upon your request. We know all of our employees by name, some of which have been with us for 10+ years.

All temporaries are dispatched from our labor hall before their shift.

With this process, there will never be a time when you request 10 workers and only 5 show up. We know if someone is missing and can replace him or her immediately. In addition, we are able to evaluate performance and physical condition of temporary employees daily.

St. Moritz Labor Services can respond to your staffing needs immediately.

Since our office is a Labor Hall environment, when you call we will have workers ready to get to your job site immediately. Advance notice will be needed for large requests or if you have special requirements. All workers either provide their own transportation or carpools with another temporary employee. We have clients that we have been assisting since the doors were opened.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to show you just how helpful we can be to your organization.