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St. Moritz Labor Services

St. Moritz Labor Services

Quality Temporaries for Quality Companies

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We are the premiere industrial temporary staffing company in the Pittsburgh area. We specialize in blue collar, industrial positions. We are a locally owned, professional industrial staffing service operated by experienced specialists since 1997. We...

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St. Moritz is recruiting laborers for several different industries.

Why St. Moritz

Why St. Moritz?

We Impact Your Bottom Line

The relationships we form with our customers are important to us. We believe nurturing and forming long-standing partnerships with quality companies. This means a commitment to understanding your staffing needs…both today and tomorrow as your business environment changes. We are dedicated to your company’s success.

The Following Are Some Of The Ways We Strive To Uphold Our Commitment

We Reduce Employment Costs

The United States Chamber of Commerce reports that an average of 13% of the cost of an employee is spent on legally required tax payments. St. Moritz Labor Services temporary employees work at your company, but we are responsible for all the costs of hiring. This includes paying their unemployment, Workers’ Compensation, social security, and payroll taxes.

We Maximize Productivity

More than 11% of the cost of a permanent employee is attributed to non-productive time. With St. Moritz Labor Services, Inc., you pay for productivity, and we guarantee it.

We Eliminate Turnover Costs

No matter what skill level, any employee is a significant investment. St. Moritz Labor Services interviews, screens, and evaluates our applicants to identify the best candidate for your openings. And our service doesn’t stop there. We keep our employees motivated and productive through retention programs.


Day Labor

The most common situation, St. Moritz Labor Services, Inc. employees are used primarily as coverage for call-off’s, vacations, special projects, work overloads, etc. This is what we are known for.

Temp To Hire

In this case, a longer-term position is filled by one of our qualified employees, and they work on our payroll for a period of 800 hours. After 800 hours worked, it is then your option as the client to put our employee on your payroll at no cost to you. This allows you to try a candidate in a specific position on a probationary basis without incurring any human resource expenses.


In this program, St. Moritz Labor Services, Inc. offers the opportunity for you to take over the recruitment and interviewing processes, choose the individual you would like to fill your position, and then let us do the rest. You choose the employee, we act as their employer.

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